Changes you need to do with your Bellsouth Account to Report and filter email spam

BellSouth email offers plenty of advanced features for a better user experience. Giving you all the security settings that are easy to change according to your preference, Bellsouth domain has come up with email filters and many other options. There are cases when users receive unwanted and promotional emails direct in their inbox that complicates to identify and execute an important email. And sometimes, an important email also drops in the spam folder and you users think there is any send and receive an error in the email.

To eliminate all such cases, you can do a few settings to report and filter email spam in your Bellsouth email account, or get help from Bellsouth support.

Execute the steps to report and remove spam from your Bellsouth inbox:

  1. Go to your Bellsouth inbox and on the left side of the email page, select Toolbar
  2. Choose Spam option
  3. Next, select the option of moving the email to the spam folder and allow the notification to your system
  • Report Spam emails: To block common spam email sent by contactor any corporation for advertisement
  • Report a locked or hacked account: For all those suspicious emails that are sent from a known or unknown contact to which you feel the contact did not aim to send
  • Report a Phishing scam: For a doubtful email that requests your password, credit card number and other sensitive details

The settings are done now and you are protected from any malicious mail that can risk your Bellsouth email account. For new users, it is possible they find complexity while making the setting changes can also get Bellsouth Support for an easy user experience. Moreover, if you are facing any other trouble with the email settings; connect to Bellsouth Email support to receive 24*7 expert assistance.

In another case, a legitimate email can go to spam folder if you have applied any filter and don’t remember, and sometimes it happens automatically. To receive a genuine email in your inbox, do the following settings. In the mentioned instructions, you will initially learn to unmark as spam or move a valid email to the inbox.

  1. Login to your Bellsouth email account and on the left side of the page, find Email Toolbar options (If you do not find the option on the homepage of your Bellsouth account, then go to settings and click on Toolbar options)
  2. From the toolbar section, click on Not Spam option and this will allow the mail to move in your inbox section or any other folder you want to move the file/ email in

How to Create and apply new filters in your Bellsouth email account?

For this particular section, you can create filters according to your ease to send specific selection of emails to spam folder and this will keep those legitimate emails safe. Follow the steps below and manage your Bellsouth email filters:

  1. Go to your Bellsouth inbox and on the top-left corner of the page, you will find a gear icon, click on that
  2. You are now prompted to Settings, select Filter option available under the list
  3. Click on Add to create a filter
  4. From the above step, you will also find Edit or Remove filters
  5. Choose the conditions you want to apply on the mail to filer, this will automatically sort the incoming emails and send them to their respective folder
  6. To prioritize your filter options, use the up and down key available on the right side of the page
  7. To end the process, ensure to save all the settings you made

You have successfully applied filters to your email. Now, you will receive only those emails in your Bellsouth email, to which you have given the access. If you face any trouble with your account, you can connect to Bellsouth Email Support.

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